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Jeff Mackay (Larry Carter)

Gary Dresden -

I met Jeff Mackay about 15-20 years ago when we played in a Bruce Weitz Charity Golf

tournament at Feather Sound Country Club in Clearwater Florida.. It rained badly one day

and he came over and spent the day at the house with Trudy and me. We hit it off right

away. We had similar views on life, family and government and with the drinks flowing,

we had a memorable time. Here is the text of the interview that I did with Jeff Mackay at

the airport in Tampa just before Jeff got on the plane to fly home.


Gary – Jeff, we were thrilled to have you here to star in the role of Larry Carter in

December. Tell me, why did you agree to come out of retirement and play

the part?

Jeff - For a number of reasons Gary.

1-I loved the script. It’s a real life story. Many of us face the same choices in our

life and the stakes were high. Career or Family. It’s a big choice to make.

2-The character arc of Larry Carter gave me an opportunity to play a complicated

role filled with nuances and subtleties and put my own personal signature

on the part. In order to play the role properly, I knew that I would have to call

on all my years of acting and pull out all the stops. It was a test for a lifetime of

work and a way to validate my choice in life of becoming an actor.

3-I knew that this might be my last chance to show the world what I could really


Gary – What do you mean by that?

Jeff – I’m almost sixty Gary and to coin an old phrase, I’ve been rode hard and put away

wet too many times. I’ve had serious episodes of esophageal bleeding and

my liver function is severely compromised. I don’t really know how much longer

I have and, as you know, I don’t have a lot of stamina. I don’t know how long I

will have enough energy to continue acting. I did retire, you know, a few years

ago. As I said before, I only decided to come out and do this role because it was

the first real opportunity that I had in life to show my full range of acting skills

and leave a legacy that my family would be proud of.

Gary – Will you come back and visit?

Jeff – If I am able, I will attend any film festival that you want me to and any event that

could help the success story of the film.

Gary - I appreciate that Jeff

Jeff - Well, I gotta take the next shuttle to airside. It’s back to Tulsa for me..

(Standing up and looking me in the eye.)

I want to tell you that I really enjoyed coming here, doing this role and

spending some more time with you. That day 20 years ago was a very

enjoyable moment and it is keen in my memory. You’re a kindred spirit. I only

wish that we would have had more time together in our lifetimes.

Gary - (giving Jeff a hug)- Have a nice flight back buddy. I’ll see you soon at the first


We shook hands and then gave each other a hug. Jeff turned and left to get on the shuttle.

It was the last time that I saw him.