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Mille Shirpe (Reagan)

What have you been working on since you shot “December.”?

Feature: Daniel’s Lot
Fresh Film Competition: How I Met My Mermaid
Feature set to come out in theatres nationwide: Letters to God
Short: Within a Child’s Heart
Feature: Hunting Ground – directed by Khris Colgate who was crew on December
TV series: Popular
Coca-cola Film Makers Award Finalist: Here We Go!
Commercial and Hosting pieces
Principal role in an Equity Stage show at Disney World


How did you feel about your role in December?

Reagan was my first major part in a feature length film. Naturally, I was thrilled to take the role and excited to play someone who differs from me. Reagan is a strong woman who knows what she wants and goes after it – expecting others to follow.

What did you take away from the experience?

Having the opportunity to watch talented actors such as Jeremy King and Jeff MacKay really helped improve my own acting skills. I think this opportunity better prepared me for my later shoots and I’m grateful for all those in the cast in crew who were kind of enough to offer assistance or advice.


Which people did you most relate to on the set?

I tend to be a team oriented kind of person, and naturally found myself connecting to many others on set with a similar attitude. Everyone worked extremely hard on this project so it was hard not to find something to appreciate about everyone.

How do you feel about the film and the message that it sends?

I appreciate the message of the film. I think alot of people can relate to having a dream and putting it aside for a greater need. I think the emphasis put on family here, is quite lovely, and gives hope to the viewer that sacrifices aren’t always in vain.

Did you find the director gave you enough rope to put your own signature on the character that you played.

Yes, I think so. It was nice that he had a vision for the character as well, though. He provided us the basics and let us fill in the details from there.

What did you walk away with from the experience?

I walked away with more knowledge, more friends, and more gumption to keep pursuing this industry.

What did you feel about working with Jeff Mackay.

It was an honor to be acting along side someone of his calibre. He was kind, funny, and a pleasure to watch. Observing him at his craft was inspiring.

Who in the crew impressed you the most? You can name a few people.

Well, overall I think everyone deserves recognition on this film. Each crew position is difficult in it’s own right and requires alot of effort, commitment, and hard work. With that being said the three individuals I interacted with the most would be the individuals who I would say impressed me the “most” due to their professionalism and compassion. I truly appreciated Toni Jo (the makeup artist), Wendy (costumer/set dressing), and Khris Colgate (script supervisor – I have yet to work with someone who matches you!).