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Theresa Frankel

Theresa Frankel as the 1st Assistant Director and the Second Unit Director


What have you been working on since you shot “December.”? 


Wow….too many projects to count…lol.


1.  G.E.D. (feature)

2.  Full Frontal Fashion (TV Show for Style Network)

3.  Incubus (Feature)

4. Lost Angels (Feature – 2nd Unit)

5.  The Fugitive Chronicles (TV Show for A&E)

6.  5 Music Videos

7.  1 Commercial

8.  2 Corporate Videos

9.  2 Short films


In Production right now for


1 Feature

1 Music Video

1 Short Film


I was the 1st Assistant Director on all projects



How did you feel about your role in December? 


Working as the 1st AD on December was an amazing learning experience.  I learned a plethora of information from Bryan Dresden   and I was able to carry that knowledge onto future projects.


What did you take away from the experience? 


I definitely insist on having a proper amount of “productive” Pre-Production on all projects since “December”



Which people did you most relate to on the set? 


The Grip and Lighting team.


 How do you feel about the film and the message that it sends?


I think that the film brings awareness to the importance of relationships and experiencing life in it’s fullest.  Often times people forget these things because they are too “busy” and it’s nice to watch a film that sends a little reminder to hug your dad and seize the day.



Did you find the director and the rest of the artistic team respected the time that it took to set up properly for each scene and left you alone to do your job?


I think for a first time Director yes.


What did you walk away with from the experience? 


A newly designed call sheet thanx to Bryan!



What did you feel about working with Jeff Mackay? 


I have worked with a lot of celebrities and as far as Jeff was concerned he wasn’t so bad.  He definitely had his moments of being a little diva-licious but working an Independent Film will wear on anyone, even the most professional people.


Who in cast and crew impressed you the most? You can name a few people?


I’d prefer not answering this question (mostly because I’ve worked on so many projects with so many different crews that I don’t remember everyone’s name!!!)