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Tony Armer (Don Carter)

An interview with Tony Armer, who played Don in the film “December.”


What have you been working on since you shot “December.”?

Sunscreen Film Festival-

Feature film Mad Science U

Feature documentary Running with Demons


How did you feel about your role in December?

I had a great time and it was a fun character to play


What did you take away from the experience?

I met a great group of people, thoroughly enjoyed my experience and additionally made a few business contacts.  most importantly I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to become friends with Jeff Mackay and get to know him before his unfortunate passing.



Which people did you most relate to on the set?

as a producer myself I can relate to all the work the filmmakers and crew put in to make the project happen.


How do you feel about the film and the message that it sends?

The film can be inspirational to people searching for answers in their own lives on how to deal with similar situations.


Did you find the director gave you enough rope to put your own  signature

on the character that you played.



What did you walk away with from the experience?

An expanded group of friends, an enjoyable work experience and open doors to more opportunities


What did you feel about working with Jeff Mackay.

Jeff was an outstanding actor, a great guy, a genuine person and a true professional.  I’m glad and blessed that I had the opportunity to get to know him.


After the basketball, did  you really want to smack Jeremy in  the


We got along very well.  We were friends prior to this film, Jeremy is actually the person that called me and asked me to audition.  Being naturally competitive I wanted to win and compete as best as I could but didn’t carry any of that over after the basketball scenes were complete.


Who in the crew impressed you the most? You can name a few people.

I thought the lighting and grips did a great job, I can’t remember all their names but they worked extremely hard and did a great job.  I thought Theresa was an outstanding AD and admired her work and professionalism.  Wendy wells and Toni Jo did great jobs in their positions as well.